First-rate La Bayadère

'Title bayadère Nikija, acted by Anastasia Nabokina, embodidied in one whole both impressive technique with subtle grace of ethereal dancer. The artist showed the portrait of her heroine in a pastel shade. Therefore Nikija, from the beginning, was a bit of an unread character, who emergeol in this world just for a moment in order to return into the World of Shadows. Nabokina best performed in the ‘White Act’, in which she presented the greatest traditions of Russian School.'

Katarzyna K. Gardzina: First-rate La Bayadère, „Trubadur” 2(31)/2004

Swan Lake Enlievened

'Not the second show of ballet spectacle ‘The Swan Lake’ did audience nearly thundered with applause. Dancers felt more at ease in the new staging and the secondary cast (Anastasia Nabokina in the dual role of Odetta-Odylia and Maksim Wojtiul as the prince Zygfryd) introduced the audience into raptures. Emotions radiating from the stage infected the viewers: many a one could not hide tears during the dramatic finale performed by the three protagonists.'

Katarzyna K. Gardzina: Swan Lake Enlievened, „Trubadur” 2(19)/2001

Dancers show youthful virtues

'Vladimir Malakhov and Anastasia Nabokina danced the Bluebird pas de deux from 'The Sleeping Beauty' (1890) with a better instinct for the meaning of Petipa's familiar choreography than any 'mature' dancers in memory.
Malakhov - an astonishing technician, with a sure instinct for style - moved with the easy, effortless grace of a bird. Nabokina had similar delicacy and ease, the fairy-tale look of an enchanted princess over a blazingly pure technique.'

Anne Marie Welsh, Arts Critic: Dancers show youthful virtues, „The San Diego Union” 29-07-1989 r.

Ballet Gala

'Dance Anastasia Nabokina and Walerij Mazepczyk shone with dance virtuosity and stage temperament in the daring Grand pas in Don Quixote, which was accompanied by the dance of Karolina Jupowicz and Aneta Zbrzeźniak (friends variations) together with the talented dancers of the capital ballet corps.'

Katarzyna K. Gardzina: Ballet Gala, „Trubadur” 1-2(26-27)/2003

World repeating

'Mats Ek whose ballets could be either appreciated or not, nonetheless it has to be admitted that this Swedish choreographer is a great European personality. He has his own style, easily recognized (almost at once): heavily graviteting movement, characteristic leaning silhouettes of dancers, angular rotations and jumps. It is also characterized by an immense sensitivity to music. (...) ‘A Sort Of...’ preserves its choreographic tongue but heads, more distinctly towards theatre, and narration is being in built via short, dynamic, fast-changing sequences. (...) This choreography needs dancers of prominent personalities. Anastasia Nabokina and Wojciech Ślęzak (’A Sort Of...’) took their chance.'

Jacek Marczyński: World repeating, „Rzeczpospolita” nr 267, 17-11-2003 r.

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